To say my first experience with JavaScript was tedious, is an understatement. Going from the tight structure of Ruby & Rails in my previous course modules here at Flatiron…really got me at first. Now that I have a better grasp on the subject matter, I want to show you how I got comments to persist to both my backend and on the DOM display in an instagram clone I’m building called Aviangram (basically Instagram for birders).

Getting us started, let’s take a look at the classes I made for my OO-JS and what arguments are getting passed in through the…

In my previous entry, I discussed Model, View, Controller relationships using the Sinatra framework to build a simple web application. We looked at how the processes of these different elements of your application work together and used the analogy of a restaurant to show how the pieces work together to deliver a product to our client.

Now that I’ve entered Rails territory as a Junior Dev, the restaurant analogy I was using before no longer works quite right. We’re going to stay in our restaurant, but as we introduce Rails….the staff (our MVC) is getting confused. In rails, we now…

As my cohort with the Flatiron school pushes onward, we’ve come to a point of our learning where we are all feeling like real developers! I know I am. In my cohorts progression we’ve each built up a small web app with Sinatra. The process has been fascinating. Building up the layers to Sinatra with SQL, ActiveRecord, Rack, etc. seemed like a lot of pieces that made sense, but didn’t quite fit together until we synthesized them with in our Sinatra app.

Within the Sinatra DSL, and other web app frameworks such as Rails, the Model-View-Controller (or MVC) paradigm is…

I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it is, as a student developer, to have created your first application and watch it run. You crafted that! We encounter a lot of frustration as developers, but when things are running smoothly after all our hard work…there’s no feeling like it.

Here, I’m going to share with you, using my personal CLI project as the example, how to get started setting up your own application.

You may be wondering, what exactly IS a CLI? What does that stand for? …

A puppet armed creature of my own design. Photo credits to Jay Bostwick (instagram: @ j.mos)

My life’s goal has always been to create. I’ve had a pencil in my hand longer than I can remember and have always had a much easier time illustrating what I want others to understand than explaining it with my words. Especially for complex feelings. Ever since high school and the idea of “what comes after this?” grew bigger, I had made up my mind that I was going to “be an artist”. Whatever that means.

I spent time adding to my artistic tool belt attending the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR gaining critical thinking skills and…

Bams J. Teague

Student currently studying with the Flatiron School’s software engineering bootcamp.

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